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Release date:2010-10-01 00:00

How to register

you can click the member centre to regsite.  after you register, you can get the member price and special price. 

and if you lose your password, you can look for by yourself online. 

how to make an oder. 

first you can register in our website, and then you can make order by yourself. if you need our help, you can contact with our sales online. 

 1 All of the key shell are in stock. 

2 some remote key, we need make within 3 days. 

3 after you payment, we can send goods to you within 24hours. 

4, We make the car key and car lock, and we are the agent for Chinese top brand, for example keydiy, handybaby. itopkey.

5 before we express goods to you, we will confirm the PI for you to check the item.